Gagged and bound. NHS doctors today.

“The airline industry has learnt that pilots must feel they can speak out” Jeremy Hunt, May 2016 Imagine this. You are a doctor, resident in hospital, not quite a consultant. You are employed by the hospital, but you rotate through different areas and different hospitals to broaden your experience of different practices. This is designedContinue reading “Gagged and bound. NHS doctors today.”

This is everything wrong with Jeremy Hunt’s tenure as Health Secretary

Yesterday in the Mail Hunt made at least two completely bogus claims; 1. He ‘won’ the judicial review into imposition and gained High Court backing for the junior contract 2. Post Brexit he is going to remove foreign doctors and replace them with ‘homegrown’ trainees  There’s been enough of heated opinion lately- so let’s justContinue reading “This is everything wrong with Jeremy Hunt’s tenure as Health Secretary”

I have a simple question Mr Hunt- what is the rush?

Today Jeremy Hunt announced a return to imposition. He justified this despite an emphatic rejection of the contract by 58% of the referendum voters, to end the ‘impasse’ after three years and failing to agree a contract.  But the one question no one has answered for me is “what is the rush?” Now the governmentContinue reading “I have a simple question Mr Hunt- what is the rush?”

The Significant Seven: an Exploration of the Counter-Evidence for a ‘7-Day NHS’

The Department of Health’s favourite line is “There are 8 independent studies showing a ‘weekend effect’”. I’ve been through these 8 before, and the terms “independent” and even “studies” are used fairly loosely. This has been the stick Jeremy Hunt and co have used to justify their unfunded and unmodelled 7-day NHS plans, and to beatContinue reading “The Significant Seven: an Exploration of the Counter-Evidence for a ‘7-Day NHS’”

Jeremy. Let’s make this simple. 

“Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.” Albert Einstein There’s a great book called Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe that explains lots of complex stuff in the simplest terms possible, using only the thousand commonest words in the English language. The dispute over the new junior doctor contract has become increasinglyContinue reading “Jeremy. Let’s make this simple. “

“There’s not a lot of sense from government right now.”

Ben White, junior doctor, campaigner of NHS no. 1At Xmas and Justice for Health, quit his training job on national television this morning. In his response something he said resonated with me- “there is not a lot of sense from government right now.” To my mind this phrase  encapsulated the whole dispute. Ahead of theContinue reading ““There’s not a lot of sense from government right now.””

Do no harm does not mean do nothing

It is a common misconception that the only principle of being a doctor is ‘Do No Harm’. The four pillars of medical ethics, beat into us at every exam and interview, are thus; “Beneficence, justice, autonomy and non-maleficence.” Let me explain. Beneficence simply means ‘do the best for your patient’, or more simply ‘always act inContinue reading “Do no harm does not mean do nothing”

This is what a dying NHS looks like.

In the grand scheme of things I haven’t been a doctor long. There are consultants who qualified as doctors before my parents even met. I have however seen my fair share of patients, and working with some of the sickest groups in the hospital, I’ve seen plenty of deaths as well. Most very unwell andContinue reading “This is what a dying NHS looks like.”

How to solve the health crisis. Leave us alone.

Dear Messrs Cameron, Osbourne and Hunt, You may have noticed the NHS is doing pretty badly lately; funding is at a record low, waiting times are at a record high, and morale across the service is at rock bottom. You all made some silly promises about money- that’s okay, we all say things we don’t meanContinue reading “How to solve the health crisis. Leave us alone.”

Dear Other Normal Human Beings

As relevant today as it was 9 months ago… Dear Other Normal Human Beings, I am writing to you, because, like myself, you are a normal human being. You, like me, wake up in the morning and sleep at night, eat meals, sometimes with loved ones, sometimes alone. We are alike in our requirement forContinue reading “Dear Other Normal Human Beings”