“Your Life In My Hands” by Rachel Clarke. A juniordoctorblog.com review

“The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates   There’s an inextricable link between medicine and books. To a medical student books are both stepping stones and obstacles, huge tomes to surmount as much to absorb. Later, they become totems, a copy of the ubiquitous Oxford Handbook of Medicine, colloquially known as the “Cheese andContinue reading ““Your Life In My Hands” by Rachel Clarke. A juniordoctorblog.com review”

Dear Other Normal Human Beings

I am writing to you, because, like myself, you are a normal human being. You, like me, wake up in the morning and sleep at night, eat meals, sometimes with loved ones, sometimes alone. We are alike in our requirement for other people, for happiness, for security, for food, for warmth, for shelter. You mayContinue reading “Dear Other Normal Human Beings”

Is being a doctor just a job?

You hear this phrase a lot; being a doctor is “just a job”, but funnily enough in widely different contexts. On the one hand, the “higher calling” of medicine is derided by some, who insist it’s “just a job” like any other. On the other, doctors under extreme pressure need to know sometimes that their workContinue reading “Is being a doctor just a job?”

The NHS underfunding is a choice. And people are dying. [video]

It’s really hard to capture and keep even the most interested and motivated persons attention long enough to explain how and why the NHS is being underfunded and the truly catastrophic impact of this. This rather excellent video series does this perfectly.  https://vimeo.com/189849180/8b41b9e6e5 Share and RT, write to your MP. It’s your choice too; standContinue reading “The NHS underfunding is a choice. And people are dying. [video]“

The future of the NHS and junior doctors is bleak. Can we change it?

It’s clear, despite widespread junior doctor support for further reasonable industrial action against imposition, that the BMA has folded. Now in full “supporting transition” mode, the early imposed trainees already report chaotic rotas, trusts skipping pay protection clauses and lack of coherent safety reporting structures. Many doctors have left, or are considering leaving, the BMA.Continue reading “The future of the NHS and junior doctors is bleak. Can we change it?”

This is everything wrong with Jeremy Hunt’s tenure as Health Secretary

Yesterday in the Mail Hunt made at least two completely bogus claims; 1. He ‘won’ the judicial review into imposition and gained High Court backing for the junior contract 2. Post Brexit he is going to remove foreign doctors and replace them with ‘homegrown’ trainees  There’s been enough of heated opinion lately- so let’s justContinue reading “This is everything wrong with Jeremy Hunt’s tenure as Health Secretary”

Down the Rabbit Hole; Incompetence or Corruption?

If you read just this sentence, then read this; this Tory Government has ‘cooked the books’ on NHS finances, cut the budget far below what is safe or feasible, and let patient’s suffer to pursue a political ideology. Want more information? juniordoctorblog goes down the rabbit hole. Watch your step – it’s a proper mess in here.Continue reading “Down the Rabbit Hole; Incompetence or Corruption?”

The government aren’t listening. Time to make them.

The junior doctor contract dispute has taken its toll; eight gruelling months, three major protests, four days of strike action, and 54,000 angry, articulate, dedicated individuals. We have staged sit ins, delivered giant books, set up fake betting shops, supported two hugely successful choirs and one Christmas number one, created fashion lines, and even collaboratedContinue reading “The government aren’t listening. Time to make them.”

Exhausted? Of course I am.

“Jeremy Hunt’s strategy now is to exhaust the junior doctors.” Guardian 1/2/16 I am, like many of my colleagues, indeed, exhausted. I’m exhausted of going to work to find huge gaps in the rota where doctors used to be, where nurses used to be, where physiotherapists and OTs used to be. I’m tired of neverContinue reading “Exhausted? Of course I am.”

How to Sell The NHS: Appendix 1 – Dealing with Troublemakers

Dear Dept Of Health, I am very pleased to hear you have been following my step by step programme; “How to Sell off the NHS; A Users Guide“. Obviously you seem to have hit a bit of a bump with the junior doctors- but always happy to troubleshoot a good privatization! Here’s a quick roadContinue reading “How to Sell The NHS: Appendix 1 – Dealing with Troublemakers”