Brexit and the NHS: Just the Facts. Part 3: We, The People

In a multi-part series looks in-depth at the potential impact a No Deal Brexit will have on the NHS. In Part 1, we looked at the potential disruption to the supply of vital medicines, and in Part 2 we examined the barriers to importing nuclear isotopes essential in many treatments including cancer. In thisContinue reading “Brexit and the NHS: Just the Facts. Part 3: We, The People”

Diary of an NHS Patient – 2017

2nd January 2017 New year, new diary! Just moved to our forever-family home. Nice area, good primary just round the corner for Charlie and we are only twenty minutes from Dave’s work. Only issue is they just ‘downgraded’ our local A&E– but I’m not worried, although Dave thinks I’m a hypochondriac! GP is local andContinue reading “Diary of an NHS Patient – 2017”

Do no harm does not mean do nothing

It is a common misconception that the only principle of being a doctor is ‘Do No Harm’. The four pillars of medical ethics, beat into us at every exam and interview, are thus; “Beneficence, justice, autonomy and non-maleficence.” Let me explain. Beneficence simply means ‘do the best for your patient’, or more simply ‘always act inContinue reading “Do no harm does not mean do nothing”

How to solve the health crisis. Leave us alone.

Dear Messrs Cameron, Osbourne and Hunt, You may have noticed the NHS is doing pretty badly lately; funding is at a record low, waiting times are at a record high, and morale across the service is at rock bottom. You all made some silly promises about money- that’s okay, we all say things we don’t meanContinue reading “How to solve the health crisis. Leave us alone.”

Diary of a Junior Doctor 2017

August 1st Whew. Just got my new contract! Very exciting. I’ve heard good things from government; safer, better paid, more training opportunities. Just coming in to registrar training after a year in research so excited to be back in the hospital. Obviously all this ‘ pay protection ‘ doesn’t apply to me, but never mind! They’veContinue reading “Diary of a Junior Doctor 2017”

Omnishambles? It’s far worse than that.

It’s been a long week for the NHS in politics. The week opened with the announcement of further doctors strikes, three 48-hour emergency care only periods in two months, plus the launch of a legal enquiry into the imposition of the contract. Jeremy Hunt’s and David Cameron’s argument  goes like this; “Studies show we have excessContinue reading “Omnishambles? It’s far worse than that.”

Imposition? This was never just about a contract.

Jeremy Hunt has gone nuclear and in a statement on 11th February announced forced contract imposition. You may have heard the story of this dispute as told by Jeremy Hunt- it goes like this. ‘People have less good care at weekends in hospital, because junior doctors are not available. We should have a seven day NHS.Continue reading “Imposition? This was never just about a contract.”

How to Sell The NHS: Appendix 1 – Dealing with Troublemakers

Dear Dept Of Health, I am very pleased to hear you have been following my step by step programme; “How to Sell off the NHS; A Users Guide“. Obviously you seem to have hit a bit of a bump with the junior doctors- but always happy to troubleshoot a good privatization! Here’s a quick roadContinue reading “How to Sell The NHS: Appendix 1 – Dealing with Troublemakers”

The Hateful Eight: An Exploration of the evidence presented for Jeremy Hunt’s ‘Weekend Effect’ – UPDATED 13/1/15 with Stroke data

“We now have seven independent studies showing mortality is higher for patients admitted at weekends.” JEREMY HUNT, ALL THE TIME. You can view these seven (or rather eight) ‘studies’ here: On the basis of this evidence Jeremy Hunt and the Department of Health have put forward the argument for sweeping changes to the NHS to createContinue reading “The Hateful Eight: An Exploration of the evidence presented for Jeremy Hunt’s ‘Weekend Effect’ – UPDATED 13/1/15 with Stroke data”

It’s The Spin that Wins

The strike is back on and Jeremy is straight out in front with claims of committing ‘extra funds’ to the NHS. Unsurprisingly this is rubbish. juniordoctorblog explains how the funding spin is constructed and how they are getting away with it.   NHS Funding: Who’s telling the truth? The funding situation of the NHS can beContinue reading “It’s The Spin that Wins”