The junior doctor contract? It is #timetovote

This junior doctor contract dispute has been built on a lattice of hashtags; #iminworkjeremy, #weneedtotalkaboutjeremy, #moetmedic, #timetolisten, #timetotalk. Now it’s #timetovote. The referendum on the new junior doctor contract opens this week: we as a body of professionals need to decide what it is we have been fighting for. Was it the least worst contractContinue reading “The junior doctor contract? It is #timetovote”

Jeremy. Let’s make this simple. 

“Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.” Albert Einstein There’s a great book called Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe that explains lots of complex stuff in the simplest terms possible, using only the thousand commonest words in the English language. The dispute over the new junior doctor contract has become increasinglyContinue reading “Jeremy. Let’s make this simple. “

Jeremy: let’s have a conversation

On 28th April I sat outside the Department of Health manning day 16 of the permanent protest to attempt to get the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt to sit down and return to meaningful negotiations about this crisis we find ourselves in. Unfortunately he declined to take up our invitation. The ‘Hunt’ chair remained empty, andContinue reading “Jeremy: let’s have a conversation”

How to solve the health crisis. Leave us alone.

Dear Messrs Cameron, Osbourne and Hunt, You may have noticed the NHS is doing pretty badly lately; funding is at a record low, waiting times are at a record high, and morale across the service is at rock bottom. You all made some silly promises about money- that’s okay, we all say things we don’t meanContinue reading “How to solve the health crisis. Leave us alone.”

Imposition? This was never just about a contract.

Jeremy Hunt has gone nuclear and in a statement on 11th February announced forced contract imposition. You may have heard the story of this dispute as told by Jeremy Hunt- it goes like this. ‘People have less good care at weekends in hospital, because junior doctors are not available. We should have a seven day NHS.Continue reading “Imposition? This was never just about a contract.”

It’s The Spin that Wins

The strike is back on and Jeremy is straight out in front with claims of committing ‘extra funds’ to the NHS. Unsurprisingly this is rubbish. juniordoctorblog explains how the funding spin is constructed and how they are getting away with it.   NHS Funding: Who’s telling the truth? The funding situation of the NHS can beContinue reading “It’s The Spin that Wins”

Fitness to Practice Hearings: Jeremy Hunt

Fitness to Practice: Determination on Impairment Jeremy Hunt: The Panel has now considered whether your fitness to practise is impaired by reason of misconduct. The Panel has considered the submissions of 17,000 doctors on the streets in Westminster, all of the major UK newspapers and media television news services, 3000 signatories to the letter of misconductContinue reading “Fitness to Practice Hearings: Jeremy Hunt”

How to lose doctors and alienate the profession; a masterclass by Jeremy Hunt

This was in the Times a few weeks ago: [1] Jeremy Hunt plans to enforce doctors work AT LEAST two years in the NHS before they can leave, to ‘payback’ the £250,000 cost of training. And then this [4] was in the Telegraph this week- MP Tom Tugendhat parroting the same, although less specific about exactlyContinue reading “How to lose doctors and alienate the profession; a masterclass by Jeremy Hunt”

In the Echo Chamber

We are talking to ourselves. This is increasingly abundantly clear- the conversation about the privitazation of services and demoralisation of the workforce is not reaching beyond a closed-off Twittersphere and Facebook circles. Over 250,000 people read this blog in the last two weeks, and 211,000 people have signed the e-petition to date [1]. There are approximatelyContinue reading “In the Echo Chamber”